Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ExtJS -=- DateField popup takes all screen width with Safari & Chrome


There's a little issue with the DateField component with Safari. My version of ExtJS is 2.3.

My DateField component takes 100% of the screen's width and it is unusable...

In order to correct this, you just have to add this CSS class to your stylesheets

.x-date-menu {
   width: 175;


  1. i tried very different methods to fix this bug but this is the only and simplest way to do. works perfect. thanks..

  2. Thank You!!
    Now, I just gotta figure out why in IE, the box is squished up to be the same size as the date input field.
    Think I might just make the field wider.
    Don't think css will fix this cause extjs is puttin the width inline. :(

    [div class="x-layer x-menu x-menu-plain x-date-menu" id="ext-gen246" style="left: 1073px; top: 335px; width: 118px; visibility: visible; position: absolute; z-index: 15000;"]