Thursday, August 15, 2013

DBVisualizer - Content not allowed in prolog


After a Windows crash while DBVisualizer was opened. I lost everything under by DBViz.

When I start the app, I'm getting this error message:


Could not read XML file C:\ ..... \dbvis.xml

Error is : Content not allowed in prolog.


When I look at the file dbvis.xml, I saw the file was corrupted.

To correct the situation, there are backup files in the directory.

My directory is  C:\Users\ylaviole\.dbvis\config70

Simply delete all the files and remplace .bak files by there original file name.

dbvis.xml.bak => dbvis.xml
editorstyles.xml.bak => editorstyles.xml
favorites.xml.bak => favorites.xml
tablefilters.xml.bak => tablefilters.xml

Restart DBVisualizer and you should have restored all you settings.

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